Image, Microstructure and Microanalysis Unit - IMICROS



Laboratory for Surface Analysis

        Elemental chemical analysis of surfaces and interfaces in UHV


Contacts Lic Daniela Silva,  email:

                   Scientific Supervisor:   Dr. Carlos Pinto Moreira de Sá,  email:


Laboratory access and services rules:  Rules for Access and Services (pdf)  

                                                                     Access, Services and Training


Experimental facilities


Surface analysis by electron spectroscopy: XPS

  • Kratos Axis Ultra HSA  [*]


Experimental methods

  • X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy ( XPS )
    • surface elemental analysis ( Li - U )

    • chemical bonding analysis 

    • monochromatic X-ray source (Al) - improved spectral resolution,

    • facilities for local analysis and mapping (110, 55, 27, 15 um) 

    • surface charge neutralization by low energy electron flux 


    • ion sputtering for depth composition analysis  (1 - 5 keV)

    • data acquisition system: Vision

    • data analysis: CasaXPS







[*] Equipment acquired in the frame of the project Strengthening and Requalification of the Infrastructure for Micro/Nanofabrication of the University of Porto”, with financial support of the program QREN-Norte (ON.2) - Refª NORTE-07-0162-FEDER-000036

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