Image, Microstructure and Microanalysis Unit - IMICROS



Laboratory for Scanning Electron Microscopy and X-Ray Microanalysis


Contacts Lic. Daniela Silva, MSc Rui Rocha,  email:

                   Scientific Supervisor:   Dr. Carlos Pinto Moreira de Sá,  email:


Laboratory access and services rules:  Rules for Access and Services (pdf)   

                                                                     Access, Service and Training


Experimental facilities

High resolution (Schottky) Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope with X-Ray  Microanalysis and Backscattered Electron Diffraction Pattern Analysis: 


    • FEI Quanta 400 FEG ESEM / EDAX Genesis X4M  [*]


High resolution Scanning Electron Microscope with X-Ray Microanalysis and CryoSEM experimental facilities:

FE - CryoSEM / EDS

    • JEOL JSM 6301F/ Oxford INCA Energy 350 / Gatan Alto 2500  [*]



Experimental methods


  • High vaccum Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)

o       resolution of 1.2 nm

o       image modes: secondary  (SEI) and backscattered (BEI) electron imaging 


  • Low vaccum and environmental Scanning Electron Microscopy  (LVSEM / ESEM)

o        non conductive uncoated sample compatibility

o        hidrated sample compatibility

o        low temperature ( > -25 º)  and high temperature ( < 1000º) stages


  • Scanning Transmission Microscopy in SEM  (SEM/STEM)

o        STEM imaging of thin samples with a preparation for transmission electron microscopy


  • Cryo - Scanning Electron Microscopy  (CryoSEM)

o        observation of the free surface and fractured surface of LN2 freezed fixed samples


  • X-ray Microanalysis (EDS)

o        elemental analysis (Boron  to Uranium)

o        thin film and coating analysis

o      elemental profile and distribution maps

o        automatic and programmed analysis of particles and phases


  • Backscattered Electron Diffraction Pattern Analysis (EBSD)

o        characterization of symmetry of cristaline materials  – phase analysis

o        grain orientation analysis, grain orientation maps


  • Image Digitalization and Quantitative Analysis 

o    image processing and analysis SEM / EDS / EBSD


  • Sample preparation 

o        thin film coating by sputtering ( diode and ion beam ) and vapour deposition 



[*]  Experimental facilities financed in the frame of  FCT  "National Scientific Re-equipment Program"

and integrated in the RNME - National Electron Microscopy Network 

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