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Equipment A

High resolution Mass Spectrometer attached to a Liquid Chromatography system (LC/MS/DAD) with Electrospray (ESI)  ion source.

Thermo Scientific LTQ Orbitrap XL

Experimental Methods

This system allows the identification and quantification relatively pure compounds and compounds that are present in trace amounts in a complex matrix (reaction mixtures;  pharmaceutical drugs; food products; biological organs, tissues and fluids; rain water; soils; etc.):

  • Molecular mass determination (liquid or dissolved samples) in the range from 50 to 4000 u.m.a.

  • Exact molecular mass determination with a resolution better then  7,500 and to a maximum of 100,000 for m/z 400 a precision until 2 ppm.

  • Molecular Formulae determination (elemental analysis) from the measured mass spectra.

  • Structural elucidation using several fragmentation techniques: CID; HCD and PQD with multiple MS/MS until “10” times [MSn=1 to 10].

  • Chromatographic separation of liquid mixtures using HPLC-DAD and accurate mass and mass spectra determination, for the separated compounds.

Equipment B

Matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization Mass Spectrometer MALDI TOF/TOF.

Bruker Daltonics UltrafleXtreme

Experimental Methods

  • Identification and characterization of compounds in heterogeneous surfaces.

  • Molecular weight determination for Glycoproteins and intact Proteins and aminoacids sequenciation (Proteomics  and Glicoproteómics);

  • Identification of microrganisms genetic material  (bacteria, yeast and fungi) and animal and vegetal biological tissues   (Genomics)

  • MALDI “Imaging” – Determination of biomarkers directly in  biological cellular material with application from clinical samples to vegetal and animal material (histology).



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