Micro and Nanofabrication Unit - MNTEC





Contact:  MSc Ana Queirós email:  mntec@cemup.up.pt

                 Scientific Supervisor:  Prof. Dr. Paulo Vicente da Silva Marques,  email: psmarque@fc.up.pt


Laboratory access and services rules: Rules for Access and Services (pdf)

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Cleanroom with the area of 200 m2 (ISO6/ISO7)

         with extended facilities for the suport of experimental activities:


Photolithografy and direct laser writiing:

  • Direct laser writer uPG101, Heidelberg

  • Mask aligner  MJB, Karl Suss

  • Spinner PWM32-PS-R790, Headway Resarch Inc

Techniques for thin film deposition and processing :

  • Ion beam sputtering and milling, Commonwealth Scientific Corporation

  • Two e-beam evaporators, Auto 306, Edwards

  • PECVD PlasmaLab 80Plus, Oxford Instruments

  • Sputtering

  • Thermal evaporator, Edwards

  • RIE PlasmaLab 80Plus, Oxford Instruments

Technical facilities for sample cutting and preparation:

  • Wire Bonder, Kulicke and Soffa

  • Disc saw, Disco DAD3220

  • Bancadas de preparação de amostras

  • Accessory equipment (furnaces, hot-plates, ultra-sound baths, etc)

Equipments for Analysis and Measurement:

  • Optical microscopes, Leica, Zeiss

  • Profilometer Dektak XT, Bruker