CEMUP is a Functional Centre of the University of Porto established as a general facility for the support of research

 and development in the field of materials, providing support and service to the departments and research centres of the University of  Porto, to other universities, and to other public or private research and industrial activities.

 CEMUP laboratories are have advanced methods for the chemical, physical and microstructural characterization of materials, for sample and materials preparation under controlled conditions, capable of providing answers to scientific and technical research problems in the field of materials.

 CEMUP operates in a frame of  co-operation among the University, Research Laboratories and Centres and Industry,

and makes its facilities available to the research groups and industry.

  CEMUP is the result of a joint effort of researchers from the Faculty of Engineering - namely Departments of Metallurgy and Mechanical Engineering - and the Faculty of Sciences - namely the Department of  Physics - and other research groups, as an answer for the need of advanced materials characterization techniques, hardly available or justified for each group alone, but possible to establish as a shared facility to be kept operational under an easily accessible scheme.


  1. The support to research projects in the scope of the University and the scientific and the technologic system

  2. Training activities, namely :
    • support to advanced training: PhD and MSc
    • short courses and seminars

    • training courses for researchers credentialing for the direct use of the laboratories

    • support to university curricular activities


  3. Technologic and consultancy services to enterprises - industry and services - directly or in cooperation with other laboratories