CEMUP laboratory facilities and services are generally available to:

    • researchers from the University of Porto

    • researchers from other Universities and Institutes, public and private

    • research and quality control Laboratories

    • industrial and service enterprises

under different interface modes:
    • a sporadic activity

    • a contract or agreement that may include

      • collaboration in a research and development project for a definite period of time

      • laboratory access for a specified period

      • personnel training for equipment operation

Access, Services and Training

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Guidelines for Access and Service

Service Rules

Client Registration Form [for researchers]

Units: Access, Service and Training

Image, Microstructure and Microanalysis - IMICROS

Laboratory for Structural Elucidation - LAE

Micro and Nanofabrication Unit - MNTEC

Colaboration in Curricular Activities

Study Visits [form], Experimental Curricular Activities [form]