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Our mission

CEMUP is one of the main Functional Centres of the University of Porto, established as a general supporting facility for research and development activities in the fields of materials, biological and food sciences. It provides support, training and services to departments and research communities within the University of Porto, as well as to other universities and industries, be they public or private. Equipped with some of the most recent Electron Microscopy, NMR, and Mass Spectrometry technologies, CEMUP holds the expertise and instrumental resources for the chemical, physical and microstructural characterization of (bio)materials, and for assisting client-specific problem solving, data interpretation, and advises on spectroscopic topics in relation to supporting research in an integrative and cost-effective manner.

Our Services

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Elementary analyses

Fast compositional mapping, trace element detection, and chemical bonding analysis of thin layers, coatings, particles, phases and interphases.

Imaging technologies

Microstructure identification and dimensional characterization of phases, films, coatings and powders; fluorescence imaging of cells.

Structural characterizations

Structural identification and characterization of small organic and macromolecule-based biomaterials in solution.

Micro/nano fabrication facilities

Photolithography, direct laser writing and thin film deposition technologies in an isolated and well-controlled environment.

Multiomics research

Proteomic and metabolomic profiling of biological systems using either NMR or mass spectrometry-based approaches.

Food profiling

Optimization of food quality and food safety throughout the whole supply chain, from farm to fork.


Advanced training courses covering topics such as NMR & Electron Microscopy system operation, maintenance, and theory to students, spectroscopists and technicians.

Expert consulting

Specialized technical assistance in experiment selection, design, and analysis, according to customer research and/or development needs.

Technical resources

Meet our laboratories

Scanning electron microscopy and X-Ray microanalysis

XPS surface analysis

Scanning probe microscopy

Nuclear magnetic resonance

Electron paramagnetic resonance

Mass spectrometry

Fluorescence lifetime imaging